**REVISED** 2018 Preseason


The Delta Islander Junior Lacrosse Club operates a five year box lacrosse program specifically committed to developing box lacrosse players between the ages of 17 and 21. The program is comprised of 4 teams, the elite Jr “A” team, Jr B Tier 1 (formally Int A), Tier 2 (Jr B) and Tier 3 (formally Int B).

The coaching and management teams are dedicated to building four “Championship Teams” and furthermore are good ambassadors for this great game of lacrosse. We are interested in players, who wish to take their game to the next level. The goal of the Executive is to see players develop and give them the opportunity to play at the highest level they aspire to through their 5 year junior career.

Winning the Minto Cup is our goal and we want players, who share that same goal.

Some Lacrosse Associations do not have the ability to field teams at all levels and they release their players to try out with other Associations. Because of this, Delta can sign players from all over B.C.

As a member of the Delta Islanders Junior Lacrosse Club, after players have been selected to try out for the Jr “A” club, remaining players will have the opportunity to try out for any of the Jr B programs.

We will be hosting training and conditioning camp in March followed by tryouts beginning in early April. The remaining training/conditioning camps are as follows:
March 31           10:00am to 12 noon       Ladner Box      ALL LEVELS (Jr A, JB1, JB2, JB3)
April 7        ***     6:00pm to 8:00pm        Ladner Leisure Centre (LLC)  -  JB2 & JB3 ONLY   ***

Tryouts will begin April 8 & 9 at LLC and will be divided into groups. Players will be placed in groups by management, player movement between groups during tryouts may occur based on performance.  Check your emails for tryout times and places.

No matter what happens your Jr A playing rights remain with the Delta Islanders Jr A Lacrosse Club

The Jr a Team begins play in May with playoffs and Minto Cup possibly going to the end of August.

The Jr B Teams begin play in May and could go to provincials over the August long weekend.

Players 18 or younger will require a parent signature on a playing card. This is sent to the league to register you for the playing season. You must only sign one card per season.

Come FIT and READY to camp and give yourself the best opportunity to make the team you choose to try out for.

  • IF you are trying out for the Jr A team and YOU CANNOT make a session, D players contact Andy Ogilive at 778-889-3709;  goalies, transition and O players contact Kyle Goundrey at 604-319-2437
  • IF you are trying out for JB1 and cannot make a session, contact Stephen Alexander at 604-341-8291
  • IF you are trying out for JB2 and JB3 and cannot make a session, contact Scott Liebich at 778-231-9450

Full Pre-Season Schedule:  *REVISED* 2018 training camp & try out schedule

Senior Practice Form: Senior Practice Form